The PERTAN Group provides statistical analysis including
regression, multi-variate analysis, maximum likelihood
estimation, analysis of variance, hypothesis testing, categorical
data analysis, survey statistics, factor analysis, non-parametric
statistics.  The PERTAN Group also provides expert consultation,
assistance, and deliverables associated with all aspects of
surveying.  The PERTAN Group can assist, and/or perform all
phases of the survey process to include: planning, survey
design, survey development, pretest/pilot surveying, survey
database administration, assessing reliability and validity of
data, analyses of quantitative and qualitative survey data.
The PERTAN Group provides statistical support for different programs
including the EPA  
Energy Star®    Program for Commercial Buildings and
Army’s Facilities- Energy- and Utilities-related programs.
The PERTAN Group
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The PERTAN Group
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last updated: Oct 2017
Statistical Analysis and Survey Services