The PERTAN Group provides technical assistance in various aspects of energy analysis
and environmental management.  The PERTAN Group helps Government agencies and
private sector organizations find and capture opportunities to improve their
environmental performance with the development and implementation of Environmental
Management Systems.
We developed and implemented ISO 14001 Environmental Management System at Madigan Army Medical Center,
Facilities Management Division.  We have provided energy analysis and solutions with projects that include: Simulation
of Whole-Building Energy Performance for EPA    Energy Star®-Rated Windows; Procurement and Commissioning of
Power Quality Monitoring Systems at three U.S. Army Hospitals; and State of the Art Review of Thermal Storage Cooling
Systems in the United States.  
The PERTAN Group
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last updated: Oct 2017
Energy Analysis and Environmental Management
  • Energy Technology Analysis and Assessment Demonstration at Fort Lee,
  • Military Installation Net Zero and Energy Security Initiative
  • Quality Assurance Assessment for ENERGY STAR Labeled Buildings
  • Validation of the Design Coordination and Review Process to Procure Fuel Cells
    at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twenty-nine Palms, CA
  • Mission Critical R&D Services in Support of Utility and Infrastructure
  • Final Report for Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology
    Laboratory (NETL) Interagency Agreement (IA)
  • Supplemental Army Energy Strategy Support
  • Support to USAG Humphreys for Technical Review of Zone Plant
    (Heating/Cooling) Opportunities
  • Energy and Water Master Planning Process Analysis
  • Energy Technology Analysis and Assessment at various government and
    private sites
  • Integration of Hydraulic Model and POLIS Program in the NZEI Interface
  • Feasibility Analysis of Ground Source Heat Pumps at Keesler AFB, Mississippi
  • Feasibility Analysis of Ground Source Heat Pumps at Henderson Hall,
    Arlington, Virginia
  • Federal Marketing Survey Analysis For Cleaver-Brooks Super Boiler
  • Demonstrate Mold Assessment and Removal Technologies at Ft. Polk,
    Louisiana and Develop Mold Hazard Management Selection Guide
  • Apply Mold Eradicants and Protectants at Fort Polk and Develop Mold
    Remediation Guidance
  • Solar Water Heating Combined with District Networks
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