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MiniMAX Mobile Solution for Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
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MiniMAX Mobile Solution is a handheld software application that allows maintenance personnel to record operation and maintenance activities
in the field and to synchronize them with the commercial CMMS MAXIMO.

The PERTAN Group is in the process of developing four MiniMAX Modules:

  •      Inventory

  •      Routes

  •      Work Order

  •      Purchasing
With the Work Order Module, work orders can be created, reviewed, and modified.  Labor
can also be added to the work order.  This saves the engineer time and paper by giving
him/her access to all of his/her work orders in the field.
The Inventory Module can process issues, returns, and physical counts.  It will produce a
report that will list item bin’s that have discrepancies.  It will check the data entered into
the handheld with the    MAXIMO database to identify any discrepancies and notify the
user to take corrective action.  Data from the handheld will be synchronized with the    
MAXIMO database.
Inventory Module
The Routes Module allows the maintenance engineer to select the route or parent work
order of the route and the equipment list is displayed with locations in the order the route
is to be performed.  MiniMAX does not require the typical parent-child work order creation
identifying the route rather than a separate work order per route stop.  The engineer
scans the barcode on the equipment and the job plan is displayed with an option to pass
or fail the inspection as well as enter any condition monitoring points.   
Routes Module
Work Order Module
The Purchasing Module allows warehouse or maintenance engineers to initiate a purchase
order or requisition at the bins.  If a person notices that a bin is low while physically at the
location, he/she can scan the bin and start a purchase.
Purchasing Module
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