• Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) / Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) awarded
    The PERTAN Group  IDIQ contracts:


  • The PERTAN Group of Champaign, IL was awarded a $1.2 million contract in American Recovery and Reinvestment
    Act (ARRA) funds to improve energy security. The contract was awarded by the US Army Corps of Engineers,
    Construction Engineering Research Laboratory.  The project, referred to as “Army Installation Energy Security Self-Audit
    Methodology,” is expected to create and/or retain 8 or more professional jobs over an 18 month period.  Additional
    clerical jobs not directly funded by the project are also expected to be created.

  • The PERTAN Group has been selected to host various workshops that include:
                               2009- "Net Zero Energy (NZE) Installation & Deployed Bases Day Workshop" at Colorado Springs, CO.
                              2009- "Energy Technology Energy Assessment and Demonstration" at Ft. Lee, VA.
               2010- "Efficient Retrofit Measures for Government Buildings" at Dallas, TX.

  • The PERTAN Group, a  firm that provides management and technical consulting related to facilities and energy was
    awarded one of the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurship Business Grants. The grant was
    awarded to The PERTAN Group to assist in the strategic marketing of their innovative product, an Asset and Service
    Management Software.

  • Gonzalo Perez, Partner of The PERTAN Group, with William East and Jeffrey Kirby  from ERDC/CERL received the 2004
    Best Peer Reviewed Paper Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers, The Journal of Management in
    Engineering, for the technical paper “Improved Design Review through Web Collaboration”

  • A team of three PERTAN engineers traveled to Spain to present a seminar on Energy Efficiency of Buildings  to the utility
    company UNION FENOSA in Madrid.
Selected Success Stories:

The following are some examples of how we have provided our customers the decisive edge to help them achieve
practical and lasting solutions to their challenges.

  • The PERTAN Group has developed industrial benchmark models used by the EPA  to develop Energy Star®
    program ranking policy.   

  • The Manual developed by The PERTAN Group, Economic Analysis for Military Construction Projects and Other
    Applications, is a “must” reference for Projects in the Department of the Army’s Military Construction Program.

  • The PERTAN Group persuaded personnel at the US Army Medical Command to continue funding Reliability-
    Centered Maintenance technologies throughout its facilities.  Our recommendations to continue funding these
    technologies will save the US Army Medical Command $ 20,000,000 over a ten year period.

  • The PERTAN Group helped the EPA assure the integrity of the Energy Star® Label for Commercial Buildings, by
    determining that the buildings that attain the Energy Star® Label do indeed deserve it.

  • The PERTAN Group’s assessment of the role of windows within the context of whole-building energy usage
    helped the EPA decided to redirect their  Energy Star® program for commercial windows.

  • The results from the Economic Analysis of Design and Review Checking (Dr. Checks) System performed by The
    PERTAN Group showed that its implementation will be cost-effective.  These results were instrumental in making
    Dr.Checks the official engineering design review system throughout the Corps of Engineers.  
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