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Below are the presentations prepared by the presenters at the workshop. Please click on the link to view a pdf file of the presentations.

Wagdy Anis
 USACE--Insulation Strategies
             Windows, Storefronts, Curtainwalls and Skylights
Dan Blitz
Honeywell Energy Performance Renewables Scorecard
             Renewable Energy Scorecard
David Crum
Energy Savings in Electric Systems
Scot Duncan
International Energy Agency Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems                  
Lee Durston
Infrared Thermography
Don Fisher
Dining Facility Energy Efficiency
Ray Patenaude
Mold Control in Barracks New and Retrofits
Erja Reinikainen
             Performing an effective Energy Audit/Assessment
             Different Types of Energy Assessments and Some Experiences
Stephan Richter
District Heating/Cooling System Optimization: Principles and Examples from U.S. Army Studies
Dave Underwood
Direct Digital Control Energy Savings--Calculation Tool
Stan Walerczyk
Lighting, Waste, Inefficiency, Etc.
Alfred Woody
Level 0, 1,2, and 3 Energy Audits
             Example ECM's
             Energy Sources and Understanding Energy Waste/Inefficiencies
             Domestic Hot Water
             HVAC Systems
             Building Equipment and Processes
             Reducing Inefficiency and Wastes from Boilers and Compressed Air Systems
             Chillers, Pumps, Motors, and Electrical
Alexander Zhivov
Introduction Energy and Process Assessment for Buildings and Building Sites
             Energy Optimization at Installations with Industrial Processes
             Energy Conservation in TEMF
             Energy Conservation in Training Facilities
             Energy Conservation in Welding Shops
United States Army Corps of Engineers Energy Technology Energy Assessment and
Demonstration at Ft. Lee, Virginia
September 17-22, 2009
This event on energy assessments was held September 17-22, 2009. Designed for energy auditors and facility energy
managers there were 2 days of hands-on experience shadowing experts conducting the assessments at Ft Lee, VA. The
demonstrations on energy assessments was led by experienced energy auditors from the USA, Finland and Germany
who have significant international expertise in conducting energy audits and providing energy auditors’ hands on
experience.  The event covered the energy assessment protocol developed by Annex 46 experts, and techniques to
reveal energy conservation opportunities related to central plants and distribution systems, building envelop, HVAC
systems, electrical and lighting systems, compressed air systems, and industrial processes. The event focused on energy
assessments at the Army installations under the Energy Engineering Analysis Program.
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