At The PERTAN Group we are always interested in qualified professionals in the areas of mathematics, statistics, engineering, and
computer programming or related fields.  Send your resume to  sharie.carter-bane@pertan.com so that we can consider you for
current or future career opportunity openings.
Current Job Openings:
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Job Title: Energy Engineer

Description: Demonstrated ability to analyze and verify energy savings
calculations and computer simulations using baseline and retrofit
energy consumption. Perform, verify and monitor technical reviews of
energy efficiency projects and energy efficiency savings calculations.
Demonstrated ability to use engineering judgment, project
management, and communication skills to develop solutions and deliver
results on schedule. Develop standards, methods, policies, processes
and procedures for reviewing, evaluating and inspecting energy
efficiency projects. Provide project management, leadership,
engineering guidance, quality control, and monitor progress of third
party engineering consulting firms that perform technical review of
energy efficiency projects and energy savings calculations. Use
engineering knowledge and judgment to make recommendations to
management for resolving complex and difficult situations. Coordinate
and work with internal and external stakeholders such as engineers,
commercial/industrial customers, and equipment vendors.

Requirements: Works with Management Team - must be able to
interface effectively w/individuals on all levels. - Good Judgment and
evaluation skills - Flexible attitude- Able to Multitask- Project
Management skills a plus- 5 years experience in calculating energy
savings and understanding of commercial and industrial electrical
machines such as motors, chillers, air conditioning, fans, pumps,
industrial processes- Experience with Word and Excel.

Hiring Contact: Sharie Carter-Bane

Please e-mail your resume to the Hiring Contact at
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The PERTAN Group Employee Benefits:

Competitive Wages:
Employees are paid competitive wages.  At The PERTAN Group we believe our employees are the most important
asset in the company that is why we make sure employees are paid their worth.  Wages are negotiable based on
education and experience. Other benefits employees enjoy are listed below.

Annual/Sick Leave:
Full time employees accrue annual and sick leave at a rate of 4 hours per biweekly pay period.  After 3 years
employment with the company annual leave increases to 6 hours per biweekly pay period. The PERTAN Group
encourages employees to use their annual leave on a yearly basis and discourages employees from accruing
more than one year of annual leave.  The employee must clear it with their supervisor before using annual leave.

Retirement Savings:
The PERTAN Group offers employees a Savings Incentive Match Plan (SIMPLE) Individual Retirement Arrangement
(IRA) through Vanguard or the employee can open a self directed SIMPLE IRA at the financial institution of his/her
choice. The employee’s contribution to the IRA is tax deferred.  The PERTAN Group will match the employee’s
contribution up to 3% of the employee’s annual salary.  The maximum the employee can contribute to the self
directed SIMPLE IRA is $11,000 per year.

Medical Insurance:
The PERTAN Group offers employees cost sharing for medical insurance.  The PERTAN Group encourages
employees to use Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois for their medical insurance, but does not require it.  The
employee is free to choose any plan that meets his/her needs.  The PERTAN Group will pay a considerable portion
of the premium that is chosen (up to $200 per month for each employee).

Federal Holidays:
The PERTAN Group observes all Federal holidays.  All PERTAN employees get paid time off for Federal holidays.  
Each year these holidays include: New Years Day, Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., Presidents Day, Memorial
Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Continuing Education:
The PERTAN Group will expend up to $2,000.00 per year per employee for continuing education costs.  Course
selection must be pre-approved.

Annual Reviews:  
Employment Reviews will be held annually on or around the anniversary of employment.

Excellent Work Environment:
At The PERTAN Group we listen to our employees.  If you have something to say, you can say it to one of the
partners. At The PERTAN Group, you speak, we listen.  We are a small company with big company benefits.  

A social brunch or luncheon is held monthly as an opportunity for employees to exchange ideas.
Providing Leaders the Decisive Edge.
"The PERTAN Group is
the best company I ever
worked for.  Employees
are treated with respect
and rewarded for good
-PERTAN Employee-
Full Time PAVER Software Engineer:

Develops computer software for use in new product development and for engineering
maintenance management. The job require the ability to develop user interface code for both Window and web
applications, implement the engineering rules on the middle layers or on the database level. The web
development involves Java Script EXT Framework as well as Window Active Server Pages (ASP.NET). The position
require a use of hybrid interface consisting of both EXT JavaScript client and ASP.NET modules for hybrid
interoperation. Must be able to read, use, and originate Object Oriented concepts in a variety of programming
languages including JavaScript, ASP.NET, VB.NET. The position require concurrent use of Object Oriented
implementation methods in all of these languages, ability to use of abstract interface declaration, (abstract) base
class implementation and selective overriding of methods to avoid duplication of functionality. Also the position
require the ability to provide high performance solutions and algorithms for implementations of the engineering

Requirements: Bachelor's in Engineering or employer will accept any combination of education, training or
experience which is evaluated to be equivalent to a U.S. Bachelor's.
Web code development utilizing:
JavaScript/EcmaScript, EXT Framework, XHTML, CSS, Ajax, Json, XML. Windows database development using SQL Server
2005/2008, Access, TSQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, UDF.

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Hiring Contact: Sharie Carter-Bane

Please mail (The PERTAN Group, 44 East Main Street, Suite 403, Champaign, IL 61820) or e-mail your resume to
the Hiring Contact at